PLC tensioning system applied for National Highway 546 Reconstruction Project

PLC tensioning system is used for automatic control of bridge prestressed tension developed and produced by our company. It has been widely applied in construction sites in China.

It uses a touch screen and high-performance logic controller to realize two jacks or four jacks of synchronous tension through a proportional valve.

The device is equipped with an Android operating system. The system is easy to operate. One-key operation can complete the entire tensioning process with high accuracy, which can effectively improve the quality of prestressing construction.

The PLC tensioning system can precisely control the prestressing force value, and the error range is within 1%.

Each hydraulic pump, sensor, microcomputer PLC, etc. of the PLC tensioning system can transmit data wirelessly. The transmit distance on the open field can reach 1.5km.

The control module of the PLC tensioning system can store about 40,000 tension parameters.

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