pc strand

Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire&Strand

3.0mm-21.8mm PC wire and strand conforming to the GB/T5224-2014, ASTM A416, BS5896 and JIS G3536 standard with annual export at 50,000MT. They are mainly used for prestressed concrete structures, such as long-span railways and bridges, crane beams, rock and soil anchoring projects, multi-floor industrial buildings, etc.

stressing anchor

Prestressed Anchor and Coupler

High-quality raw materials such as Laiwu Steel and Jinan Steel. Fully CNC production line with zero error. The strict heat treatment process, so that the quality of anchorage reaches a very high standard. They are used in highway bridges, railway bridges, urban interchanges, urban light rails, high-rise buildings, water conservancy and hydropower dams, port terminals, rock mass slope protection.

corrugated duct

Corrugated Duct

The corrugated ducts are clean in appearance, free of rust on the inner and outer surfaces. The corrugated metal ducts have neat bite, tight indentation and uniform thickness. The quality can reach the standard of the Ministry of Transport. It has been widely used in highways, bridges, railway bridges, construction water conservancy, electric power, etc.

bridge rubber bearings

Bridge Rubber Materials

Rubber bearings and expansion joints are the engineering materials that will be used in the bridge construction. There are mainly three types of rubber bearings: laminated rubber bearings, pot rubber bearings, and spherical rubber bearings. Expansion joints are usually set between two beam ends, between beam ends and bridge abutments, or at the hinged position of bridges to meet the requirements of bridge deck deformation.

post tension jack

Stressing Jack

Stressing jack is used for stressing a single tendon, including high tension wire with diameter from 5mm to 10mm, strand with diameter from 15.2mm to 21.6mm. It also can be used for ZJM group anchor, trouble clearing, quit of anchor, and additional stressing. It is widely used in bridges, high-rise buildings and hydropower projects, etc.

hydraulic oil pump

Hydraulic Oil Pump

The hydraulic oil pump is a kind of piston pump with double oil line. It includes the pump, control value, oil tank and electrical device. The structure of the pump adopts the duplex axial quantitative pump with value orifices system. These two oil lines can not interfere with each other. This oil pump can used in large-span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam, rock-soil anchoring project, multi-story industrial buildings, stadiums, coal mines and etc.

duct making machine

Metal Duct Making Machine

The pipe making machine is a special equipment to produce metal ducts, which are used for the pre-arranged holes in prestressing concrete. It can produce single-ripple and double-ripple metal ducts with diameters between Φ35 mm and Φ135mm. The machine is suitable for both on-site and in-factory constructions. In addition, our company also produces BGJ Flat Pipe making Machine, which is an auxiliary device for KJ130 and is used for slab anchors.

grouting pump

Mortar Pump

Equipment for conveying slurry in prefabricated components or cast-in-place components. It can also be used for grouting reinforcement of bridges, culverts, mines, tunnels, etc., spraying support, ash spraying of inner and outer wall ceilings, and railway construction. It is the specific pump working with the mortar blender.

rebar bending machine

Steel Bar Processing Machine

The steel bar processing machine produced by our company adopts the advanced operating system, digital automatic control, convenient operation, convenient data input, and easy to master.

PLC Stressing System

PLC Controlled System

Prestress intelligent tension control system is used for automatic control of bridge prestress tension. It uses touch screen and high-performance logic controller to control two jacks or four jacks synchronous tension through proportional valve. The system is simple to operate, one-key operation can complete the entire tensioning process, with high control accuracy, which can effectively improve the quality of prestress construction.