Shipment of Bridge Rubber Bearings to Laos

rubber bearing
rubber bearing
rubber bearing package
rubber bearing package

New rubber bearings for the bridge are ready for delivery to Laos.

Laminated rubber bearing is an ordinary product made of the multi-layer steel plate and rubber sheet vulcanized and bonded. It has been widely used in bridge construction, hydropower engineering, and building earthquake-resistant facilities. This product has sufficient vertical rigidity and can reliably transmit the reaction force of the upper structure of the bearing to the abutment. It has good elasticity to deal with the rotation of the beam end of the bridge. It also has a large shear deformation capacity to meet the horizontal displacement of the upper structure.

Our company manufactures rubber bearings in accordance with the Ministry of Communications standard JT/T4-2004 Laminated Rubber Bearings for Highway Bridges, and its technical performance has also met the requirements of BS5400 Chapter 9, Chapter 2 and American AASHTO standards.

Rubber bearings and bridge expansion joints are the engineering materials that will be used in our bridge construction. There are mainly three types of rubber bearings: plate rubber bearings, basin rubber bearings, and spherical rubber bearings. Bridge expansion joints are usually set between two beam ends, between beam ends and bridge abutments, or at the hinged position of bridges to meet the requirements of bridge deck deformation.

The model of rubber bearings is simple. At the beginning is a letter indicating its type, GYZ for circular rubber bearings, GJZ for rectangular rubber bearings, and GPZ for pot rubber bearings. The code behind is to describe the parameters, bearing capacity, sliding condition, rubber type, and so on. For example, GJZF400*500*43 (CR) represents a chlorobutyl laminated rubber bearing with a length of 400mm, a width of 500mm, and a thickness of 43mm.

The laminated rubber bearing has the following advantages:

  1. The laminated rubber bearing can elastically absorb the deformation of the upper structure in all directions.
  2. Compared with the rectangular bearing, the bearing surface of the laminated rubber bearing has no stress concentration phenomenon.
  3. The laminated rubber bearing is easy to install, and the directionality can be ignored.
  4. Compared with other types of bearings with the same function, the laminated rubber bearing has a lower cost and is more convenient to maintain.