Shipment of Stressing Jack for Post Tension to the Philippines

stressing jack for post tension

There are YDC2500 type multi-strand stressing jacks for post tension that ship to the Philippines. This is a new customer who cooperated with our company this year. We appreciate this customer’s trust in our products.

YDC series multi-strand stressing jacks are the fourth generation of new lightweight jacks successfully launched by our company after further improving and optimizing the structure and size on the basis of the original jacks. It has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, good sealing performance, high strength and reliability, and strong versatility. It is widely used in post-tensioning prestressed construction. With different accessories, it can stress multiplane anchorages with different numbers of holes, as well as DHM type low-retraction anchorages.

Installation of stressing jacks and anchorages:

(1) The steel strand is inserted into the reserved channel, and the exposed length of the wire bundle at the tension end is required to be 200-250mm longer than the working length of the jack.

(2) Put on the end of the wire bundle of the working anchor plate, and push it to the bearing plate to fix it.

(3) Install the working wedges.

(4) Install the limit plate. The limit plate is designed according to the working anchor head and is matched with the hole of the anchor head correspondingly.

(5) Install the stressing jack. Hang the jack and put it on the strand, and put the support port of the front end cover of the jack on the outside of the limit plate. At this time, the jack can be aligned coaxially.

(6) Install the tool anchor head on the support port at the end of the piston.