Shipment of Unbonded PC Strands to Paraguay

shipment of unbonded pc strand
shipment of unbonded pc strand

New prestressed unbonded PC strands are ready for delivery to Paraguay in South America.

Unbonded stranded wire is to apply a layer of grease and plastic sheath to the strand (bare wire). In engineering construction, the unbonded steel strands in the concrete can be freely loosened due to the grease and sheath on the outside, and the steel strands are isolated from the concrete and remain unbonded with the concrete.

This product is suitable for cast-in-place floor slabs of large-span and large-bay buildings, prefabricated beams with large loads and other special structures. It has the characteristics of no need to reserve holes, no grouting, easy construction, material saving, and easy bending.

Feature: Low relaxation, High Tensile Strength, Straight, HDPE coated

Structure: 7 wire

Standard: ASTMA416, GB/T5224

Package: Inner Diameter: 760mm
Outside Diameter: 1400mm-1500mm
Coil’s width: 760mm
Coil’s Weight: 2500~3500 kg
We use vapors corrosion inhibiting technology on export anti-rust packing. Outside of the coil has 3 wraps. There are two wooden pallets on the bottom of the coil.