Shipment of Wedges for Prestressed Anchorage to Malaysia

shipment of wedges
shipment of wedges
prestressed wedges
prestressed wedges

New wedges for prestressed anchorage are ready for delivery to Malaysia.

The prestressed anchorage is used for concrete prestressed tension in the process of engineering construction. Pre-installed and positioned, and then poured concrete, buried at both ends of the concrete, that is, the two ends of the ducts, which are the end faces set for the stability of the jack during tensioning.

The wedge is the most important accessory in the prestressed anchorage. Its quality determines the result of the entire prestressed tension. The material of our wedges is 20CrMnTi Steel.

Technical requirements for prestressed anchorages:

  1. The varieties, specifications, and quality of prestressed tendons, anchors, grips, and couplers should meet the design requirements and the current national standards.
  2. The prestressed anchorage should be smooth without bending. There should be no cracks, thorns, mechanical damage, iron oxide scale, and oil stains on the surface.
  3. The retraction amount of the anchor clip of the clip-type prestressed anchor should not be greater than 6mm. The total friction loss of the anchor mouth and bearing plate should not exceed 6%.
  4. The prestressed anchorage should have good self-anchoring performance, loose anchoring performance, and repeated use performance.
  5. The material performance indicators used in anchors, grips, and couplers shall not be lower than the requirements of 45# steel and shall meet the design requirements, with a certificate of conformity for mechanical properties and chemical composition, and a quality assurance certificate.

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